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Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles Tendinopathy


What is Achilles Tendinopathy?

Acute or chronic inflammation and often degeneration of the Achilles tendon. Your Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body and attaches from your calf muscles to your heel. Pain occurs above the heel, it is normally tender to touch and you can get localized thickening of the tendon itself. It often aches and is stiff in the morning with some relief from a small amount of activity but worsens with prolonged activity.


How does Achilles Tendinopathy happen?

Achilles Tendinopathy often occurs as either an acute or chronic overuse injury from an increase in activity such as running or jumping.  Achilles tendinopathy occurs following abnormal loading. This abnormal loading may be a consequence of overuse or biomechanical abnormality.   Once the tendon is loaded abnormally it can become inflamed and cause damage to the structure of the tendon.  There are a number of predisposing factors than can contribute to this injury such as an increase in activity, flat feet (over pronation), poor walking or running biomechanics, calf weakness and tightness, muscle imbalances and poor footwear.


What Get Active can do to treat Achilles Tendinopathy:


  • Soft tissue release of the muscles that attach and surround the Achilles tendon.  Initial gentle stretching of the calf muscles.
  • Taping to assist in unloading the tendon and relieving pain.
  • Specific exercises and advice on activity modification, cross training and relative rest. Eccentric loading exercises to remodel the tendon and a progressive strengthening program to get you back in action.
  • Gait Scan and Orthotic prescription to unload the tendon and correct foot biomechanics.
  • Treadmill running analysis to improve biomechanics and prevent future problems.


Suitable products for this condition:


  • Custom-made Orthotics
  • Foam roller