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Get Active Physio’s Team of Experienced Physiotherapists in St Leonard Help Patients Get Back on Track

Everyone has his or her own unique needs for their fitness and health goals. Whether you are trying to heal from an injury or chronic pain, get back into strength training or running, or just get back to your pre-baby weight, we know that finding the right path to reach your goals isn’t always easy. Get Active Physio is the premiere all in one fitness and healing centre for anyone looking in St Leonards for a physiotherapist.

With over 20 years of experience, our physiotherapists will provide the best, high quality, evidence based physiotherapy and massage therapy to our clients. Every patient will receive a written management plan with a diagnosis and prognosis during their consultations. From there, our team can equip you with the knowledge and advice you need to recover and get back on track with your fitness goals. At each treatment, a physiotherapist will work one on one with you, and never leave you alone on a machine or with a cold pack while they check on another patient.

Your treatment is your time and we will be focused on you. Our exercise driven approach helps you to heal and improve faster, and we won’t let your pain or injury keep you on the sidelines! No one should suffer through pain when they can come see us to find relief and get on track for their goals faster than ever before.

Massage Therapists Work Together with Our Physiotherapists in St Leonards

At Get Active Physio, an experienced massage therapist works together with the physiotherapist to help you reach your health goals. Offering sports, remedial, pre and post natal, and deep tissue massages, our massage therapists are dedicated to help our clients relax and heal. Patients are able to look through the profiles of each of our massage therapists to find the therapist they feel is best suited for their needs. Massage therapy can be worked into your written plan and help to heal damage caused by injuries, bring down inflammation, and help clients to relax, so that their bodies can heal as they work on getting stronger. Anyone who has been looking for a massage therapist to help them get back on track in our community, needs to find an experienced physiotherapist in St Leonard.

Many private health funds provide rebates in St Leonards for physiotherapists and massage therapists. At our two locations, we can save you a trip to the health fund provider, by providing on the spot rebates. Clients our Christie Street location can take advantage of access to the entire Fitness First facility, including the gym floor, pool, showers, and creche. Get Active Physio in St Leonards also offers our clients the opportunity for a free 10 minute assessment and computer Gaitscan assessment for their feet on our website. Free parking is available at the Christie Street Clinic when validated at Fitness First. Don’t wait around in pain – get back your life today with same day appointments available. This is the day to start getting your health and fitness back on track. Call us today at: 1300 8 9 10 11.