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Residents Searching for Crows Nest Physiotherapy Can Achieve Results At Get Active Physio

Chronic pain, reoccurring injuries and difficulty achieving fitness goals can all be signs that something in your fitness routine, exercise or daily schedule is misaligned, improperly done, or that there is a residual issue happening in your body. Our therapists at Get Active Physiotherapy, near Crows Nest are dedicated to investigating the route cause of the issue and helping you to find the right solution for recovery and prevention, as we help you work towards your physio fitness goals.

Whether you are trying to get back into running, strength training, dealing with a bad back, or even if you are just trying to get back to your goal weight, our physiotherapists can help you to find the right plan for you to improve your health and well-being. There is no reason to wait when relief could be as simple as a phone call away. If you need physio in Crows Nest, St Leonards, or any of the communities surrounding Sydney, contact Get Active Physiotherapy at 1300 8 9 10 11 for same day appointments and to get started on your path to optimal physical health!

If you are looking for somewhere convenient to undergo physiotherapy in Crows Nest, Get Active Physiotherapy is the place to go. At Get Active Physiotherapy, we have been practicing for twenty years, and use only research-based and exercise focused approaches to help our patients recover and reach their goals at both of our clinics, conveniently located near Crows Nest. Our clients will receive a written management plan with clear diagnosis and prognosis at their physio consultations. Our team will help you to make a plan utilising all of our services that fit your needs. We offer physiotherapy, massage therapy, dry needling, hydrotherapy, custom orthotics, and access to our Fitness First facility at our Christie Street Clinic, including the gym floor, pool, showers, creche and changing rooms.

Pain Relief Methods Offered in Crows Nest for Physiotherapy Treatment

Exercise, stress or work related postures can cause sore and stiff muscles. Our massage therapists are available to work with clients on their overall rehabilitation and recovery plans. Patients can look at our profiles of massage therapists to find the therapist who best fits their needs. Our experienced therapists provide: sports, remedial, pre and post natal, and deep tissue massages. In addition to massage for pain relief and healing, physiotherapists can also offer dry needling, a procedure that focuses on stimulating altered or dysfunctional structures. This helps to decrease pain, improve quality of movement and increase range of movement. Both of these options are available at both clinic locations for Crows Nest physiotherapy patients.

Health Fund Rebates Available For Massage and Physiotherapy

Most health funds now provide a rebate for massage therapy services with on the spot rebates available at both locations to save you a trip to the health fund. Free parking is available at the Christie Street Clinic when validated at Fitness First. More information about our treatment options, therapists, programs and facilities is available on our website: . If you live in Crows Nest and physio is something you need to help you reach your physical and overall health goals, Get Active Physio is where you need to be. Call us today at 1300 8 9 10 11. We offer same day treatments, free 10-minute physio assessments and Gaitscan Analysis to see how orthotics could help you.